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Is there an ‘undercover boss’ effect Ronald croatti, president and ceo of unifirst(Unf), was disguised as an aging, 60 something hippie in order to get a glimpse of how his underlings manufacture and launder his company’s industrial uniforms.Less than a month after the episode’s january 2011 air date, the company hit a 52 week high, closing at 57.59 and has since experienced a 2.47% return while its top competitor, Cintas(Ctas), took a 0.58% loss. Sewer line clogs made their prime time debut ralph lauren outlet online with a particularly emotional look inside Chemed corporation(Che)Subsidiary roto rooter with coo and president rick l.Arquilla. Of the undercover experience,Arquilla said it was, “A little bit of self discovery, self revelation.It was a walk down memory lane to my childhood.I’m 57 years old, and i got to think about things i haven’t thought about for 40 years.You go,’wow, that wasn’t exactly on the radar screen going into this.'” What probably didn’t fall under the radar was the boost chemed would get following the april 2010 episode, namely a 18.66% return over the past year and 26.49% in ralph lauren uk the last six months. Gsi commerce(Gsi)Could stand to get a repeat appearance on the reality series.The billion dollar e commerce company that handles marketing, customer service and online ordering for 500 companies including Dell(Dell), Polo Ralph Lauren(Rl)And Expedia(Expe)Saw a nearly two point share jump after its march 2010 episode and reached a 52 week high less than three months later.Perhaps the show’s benefit has begun to peter out, with the company’s six month return at 20.63%. As impressive as the undercover boss effect may seem, it doesn’t appear to have the power to conquer mother nature.Despite the 42 minutes of face time cbs provided chiquita brands(Cqb)In october 2010, it simply wasn’t enough to overcome the economic impact of banana supply shortages caused by adverse weather conditions in the fourth quarter.

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