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New york yoga instructor wants to make heels less painful Yamuna zake, 59, offers specialized foot yoga classes, with students bringing in their most tortuous pair of high heels to practice a daintier, less damaging walk, the daily mail reports. Classes run 60 minutes and incorporate small balls, developed by zake, to help massage the […]

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Newcomer amanda lew kee is ready for takeoff “Some of them don’t understand the difference between a designer and a seamstress,”Said the 21 year old ryerson fashion grad and first time fashion weeker. “I would do it.I just don’t really have time. ” She really doesn’t.Lew kee will debut her spring collection at toronto fashion […]

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Nice work if you can get it Bioi attend the university of georgia studying comparative literature.I’ve 30 hours before graduation.I need to pursue creativity, poetry, photography and film making:My dreams.Laid back, and open to opportunities life has in store for me.In essence, i am a modern romantic. By now everyone my age knows of or […]

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Court catalogues faux prince’s excesses The courier mail was this week excluded from a supreme court”Star chamber”Style examination of hohepa hikairo”Joel”Morehu barlow louis vuitton uk who is accused of embezzling more than $16 million from queensland health. However, court documents sighted yesterday give a glimpse into the treasure trove of designer garments, jewellery, artwork, wines […]

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Court craft could never be minimalist Kolkata:What has louis vuitton or chanel got to do ralph lauren sale with hooghly, howrah or dumdum?For that matter, what does chandraketu garh have to do with ritu kumar?An enormous lot, it came to light when the fashion revivalist spoke to toi after launching her panchavastra line an ode […]


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