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light brown and looks christian louboutin sale kind of

Sarah jessica parker favor Blake lively was spotted thursday morning in new york city wearing a shoe that would make anyone do a double take:High heeled pumps made to look like the paws of a lion.That’s right;Popular shoe designer christian louboutin is going way beyond the animal print trend and has created one of the most unusual shoes of his career. Blake lively was wearing the shoes on the set of gossip girl, and fashionista sarah jessica parker wore the shoes with a red gown to the moscow premiere of we don’t know how she does it.Lively is friendly with many fashion designers, including louboutin, so she is often ahead of new fashion trends and is well known for her style.But this one is a little bizarre;Did she miss the mark? The pump is called the”Alex” (Sources are unsure why), but more popularly known as the Christian Louboutin”Lion paw pumps. “The core of the shoe is a classic louboutin pump with the red sole, but the toe of the shoe is described as being”Split into four protruding segments with a black, jewelled talon on each section [and] the stiletto heel is also clad in yellow crystals. “The color of the heel is light brown and looks christian louboutin sale kind of, well, furry. (Calm down, animal rights activists:The heels are not actually taxidermied.Louboutin did not use real lion parts to create this shoe!Or did he?Hmmm. ) Did blake lively nail this trend, or did she make a total fashion”Faux paws” (Pun intended)?It’s definitely a cute and creative idea, but at a price of about $5, 000, you’d really have to be sure to buy a pair.What do you think about the shoe?

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