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difficult part of learning ralph lauren uk sale polo rules is

Is there any great amount of skill involved in playing polo save excellent horsemanship It definitely does require a great deal of skill and knowledge to play the game of polo.To most players, the horsemanship is taken for granted as being a strong skill, and the skill set of the game that comes afterwards is where players are differentiated beyond their riding abilities. After horsemanship, the game can be split in to two separate areas mallet skills, and strategy/game sense/rules knowledge. To hit the ball while going close to 30 mph, accuracy is key.Unlike golf where players have upwards of 10 clubs and irons with which to strike the ball for different shots, polo players use only one mallet to make many different kinds of shots. Beyond”Stick skills”, having a knowledge of the game itself and strategies involved is key.While to the inexperienced eye it may look like a bunch of crazy people running around on horses chasing a ball, there a fair amount of intentional strategy involved.Like in almost all team sports, offense and defense is being played on the field even when it not obvious.Players are assigned to marking their men, initiating plays, staying in position.Above skills, those on the field need to have a strong understanding of the underlying rules of the game.The most difficult part of learning ralph lauren uk sale polo rules is fundamentally understanding two common causes for fouls impeding the right of way, and crossing the line of the ball.Violations of these rules can result in penalty shots being awarded to the opposing team, and more importantly, violating these rules puts players and their mounts in serious danger. All of this is not to say, however, that horsemanship is irrelevant.To be able to play the game and even understand the rules, strategy, and stick skills, one must have a strong foundation in riding skills and horsemanship.

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