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Newcomer amanda lew kee is ready for takeoff “Some of them don’t understand the difference between a designer and a seamstress,”Said the 21 year old ryerson fashion grad and first time fashion weeker. “I would do it.I just don’t really have time. ” She really doesn’t.Lew kee will debut her spring collection at toronto fashion week on oct.22.She is the first ryerson grad to make the leap so soon after graduation. “But not the last,”She says. “There are a lot of really talented people there right now. ” She’s been working non stop at her parent’s home in scarborough since finishing her degree this spring and upwards of 15 hours a day in recent weeks to pound out 15 to 17 different looks for fashion week. When lew kee arrives at a starbucks on king st.W. , she isWearing a black leather jacketWith spikes from her fall collection. She’s going to a magazine launch after the interview and it’s always good to show off herWork, she explains. She hasn’t put on her trademark blue lipstick yet, but it’s in her purse,Which is a burnt orange python Prada number. “I’ve always had an obsession for purses,”She says, adding that she likes to create clothing in high end leather normally used for purses. “Feel how soft this is,”She says, touching her napa leather jacket. Lew kee’s clothing is designed for people who want to stand out, subtly.She’s won’t give away much, but says the spring collection will feature her staple jackets, different kinds of high end leather, and a”Big shock. ” The fashion design council of canada’s week long event brings together buyers, industry representatives and high fashion.Lew kee was approached because organizers want to bridge the gap between established canadian designers and up and coming talents.She said the build up has been”Really intense. ” “I’m an anxious person in general,”Says lew kee. “I always like to expect the worst. ” Project runway alumnus evan biddell says it’s healthy to expect things to go wrong your first time. “You’ve worked your bloody ass off and it’s up to everybody else to tell you how crappy or good it was,”He says. “At my first show everyone was like, ‘that sucked.’ That was brutal, but you just gotta get up and try again. ” Biddell estimates he spent $25, 000 to $30, 000 on printing, graphics, photography, videography, public relations, models, stylists, production fees, seating, hair, make up and shoes for fashion week in march 2008.The clothing costs were extra.He says corporate sponsorship is almost necessary.So is a stylist. Lew kee didn’t put a price tag on her investment, but said she cheap christian louboutin outlet learned a lot about how to save at ryerson.She takes care of most of her public relations herself and splits her time between sewing and attending industry events. In terms of corporate sponsors, lew kee’s father is her main investor.Her mom is there for moral support, and she counts kate mullin, dwayne kennedy and bryan a.Richards of the fashion collective among her mentors. Lew kee’s grandmother taught her to sew.She started in a pretty standard way:Making pyjama pants.She’s garnered an international profile for her edgy pieces.Degrassi alum and current 90210 star shenae grimes wore one of lew kee’s designs to this year’s muchmusic video awards. Grimes had seen lew kee in a similar dress when they were both at the drake hotel.Lew kee had made her dress in two hours before dinner. While lew kee loves the toronto scene, she wouldn’t pass up the chance to move to another market to develop herself as a designer. But there will be more fashion weeks.Maybe one day there will be alk by amanda lew kee a more modestly priced line and then amanda marie, a fragrance by amanda lew kee.A line of purses and shoes would be a nice addition to the runway collections.Maybe christian louboutin can get in on the ground floor.

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